“What is Win the Breakup! ? I already have a lawyer,” she said, “and my ex and I are amicable…. I mean, I’m not trying to hurt him or anything…”

Win the Breakup! I explained, really has nothing to do with your ex.

Win the Breakup! is about winning yourself back.

This is all about YOU, and no one else. It’s about acknowledging your pain and grief in ending a relationship and recognizing the deep emotional loss you’re experiencing. My coaching through this critical time in your life is focusing on harnessing that energy and moving you through it, moving it along, so that you go through the natural stages of grief without getting stuck (as so often happens) in the anger or sadness or resentment or bitterness and guilt.

But it’s not about pushing through it.

Win the Breakup! is about nurturing your natural process of growth and development so that within a short period of time you are focused on forward momentum and noticing less and less pain and more and more opportunities for yourself.

As partners in this process, we are guided by your natural timing, what’s best specifically and uniquely for you. We use various coaching techniques like NLP and EFT, whatever is best suited to you, to keep you processing your emotions effectively and moving forward toward your new life.

Because that’s really what this whole experience is about: your new life.

At the time that’s best for you, we approach your life systematically to build momentum with improved health and fitness; financial well-being; and stronger and more reliable relationships with friends, family and potential partners. During this time, you are moving forward with confidence in all facets of your life toward the life that you truly desire.

And, my coaching process centers around recognizing what you desire for your life and then cultivating and developing strategies for what you truly desire to experience for the rest of your life: living the life of your dreams, learning how to be living what you have desired for yourself, so that it’s no longer out there, some time and place in the indefinite future, but you’re in momentum and experiencing the having of it day by day, more and more, transforming that negative energy and emotional pain into positive momentum and excitement, enthusiasm, appreciation and, dare I say, happiness.

Through this Win the Breakup! process, you become even more confident and even more radiant than you were before, attracting what you desire like a magnet.

She said, “Oh! Well!….that really is winning the breakup!”

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